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Standard and Custom Barcoding

Barcoding Now Available for Microplates and Deep Well Plates

Ensure reliable traceability of stored samples with
custom or standard barcoding of microplates and deep well plates.

ILP offers barcoding to meet your needs!

Convenience. Quality. Performance.

Barcode Order Form
The simple and intuitive barcode order form covers all your standard and custom barcoding needs

Cryo-Safe Quality
High performance adhesive and durable label materials ensure long life and resistance to temperatures down to -196˚C.

High Readability Printing
Labels are thermal printed to ensure optimal readability by scanner and humans. High resolution and contrast content retains visual quality and will not smudge or fade.


When standard barcoding does not meet your specific needs,
ILP offers fully customized microplate and deep well plate labeling options.

Simply Choose Barcode Type for Your Application

Choose from our standard six barcode types or specify any custom format needed. Standard types include Code 128 A, B, C and Auto, Code 39 and I 2 of 5

Specify Size and Placement on Plates

You set which sides of the plate to place labels and precisely where on the sides to place them. Standard 7mm x 55mm or custom-size labels are available.
Specify Human Readable Options​
Choose whether to include human readable content and where to place it in relation to the bar code graphic.

Fully Customized Barcode String
You define precise barcode content, including a prefix, serial segment and suffix as needed.