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Plates for Chromatography

Improve processing efficiency with solvent resistant silicone dioxide coated plates from Innovative Laboratory Products. Our line of, matched PTFE coated silicone sealing mats, and cut sheet sealing films. Offered in multiple plate and reservoir formats, they feature surface properties similar to glass while retaining the durability and light weight of plastic plates. Plates are automation compatible and available for nearly all common autosamplers and related instrumentation.  

Comparison of Glass-Coated and Non-Coated Sealing Plates​

FeaturesNon-Coated PlatesGlass-Coated Plates
Automation CompatibleYesYes
Enhanced Solvent ResistanceNoYes
High DurabilityYesYes
Stable at -80˚C – 80˚YesYes

Comparison of PTFE-Coated and Non-Coated Sealing Mats​

Features Non-Coated Mats PTFE-Coated Mats
Automation Compatible Yes Yes
Enhanced Solvent Resistance No Yes
High Durability Yes Yes
Stable at -80˚C – 80˚ Yes Yes

200nm Thick Layer of Silicone Dioxide

This quartz glass coating provides our plates with surface properties similar to glass while retaining the durability, light weight, and other desirable characteristics of plastic plates. 

Benefits of this coating include:  
  • Low Extractables and Leachables
  • Reduced Oxygen Transmission Rate
  • Chemically and Thermally Stable at -80˚C – 80˚
  • Eliminating the Need for Glass Inserts
  • High Density Sample Storage  

For Demanding Applications

Excellent for chromatography, pharmaceutical applications, other applications using harsh solvents, and where bare polystyrene and polypropylene microplates are not applicable. The use of glass coated microplates with highly hydrophobic compounds will minimize the partitioning of the lipophilic compounds to the microplate surface.  

Broad Instrumentation Compatibility

Our line of, matched PTFE coated silicone sealing mats, and cut sheet sealing films. Plates are automation compatible and available for nearly all common autosamplers and related instrumentation.  


Our large selection of reservoirs combine space savings with automation friendly design.  Sturdy and warp resistant, ultra-flat and rigid construction, with a stable base, this reservoir is ideal for manual or automated applications.  It is compatible with stackers, plate handlers, cooling blocks, and other instruments that comply with the ANSI/SLAS 2004-1 (SBS) footprint.

Sturdy and reusable, our reagent reservoirs can stand-up to autoclaving, exposure to temperature extremes, and chemicals.  Manufactured of inert and exceptionally clear USP class VI polypropylene that is resistant to most chemicals, solvents and alcohols.  This reservoir can withstand temperatures down to -80°C.

Reservoirs are tested on a lot-to-lot basis to be RNase, DNase, and pyrogen free.

PTFE Coated Plate Sealing Mats

Sample protection with increased chemical compatibility – silicone mats coated with a protective layer of PTFE.

Produced from the highest quality medical grade silicone, our mats are specially designed to provide enhanced chemical resistance and a positive airtight seal. Each plug is designed to fit standard 7.0mm diameter 96-well storage and assay plates.  They fit tightly into wells preventing evaporation of VOCs, sample loss in storage, cross contamination, and reduce the risk of aerosols and pathogens venting. 

Thermally stable, our mats work in a wide range of temperatures for incubation and storage applications; especially for storage at higher temperatures or for applications involving aggressive solvents.  The PTFE coating offers an extra layer of resistance to volatile substances; preferred for use in chromatography applications. 

Mats can be punctured and resist coring or tearing reducing the risk or mat particulate entering the well. Well perforations will seal themselves, after penetration, ensuring an airtight closure.

These mats are chemically resistant and reusable; containing no adhesives or extractables to contaminate samples. Made of research-grade silicone and coated with PTFE, they can be autoclaved.

Lot tested and certified free of RNase, DNase, Pyrogen, and DNA contamination.

ClearZone™ Sealing Films

New Clear Zone 50µm thick clear polypropylene film has 96 adhesive free wells.  Clear Polypropylene is laid over a white backing for high contrast and low cross talk.  Using the two (2) end tabs and 96 circles for alignment makes it easy to quickly apply this film directly over wells. Dimensions comply with ANSI/SBS 1-2004 specifications (9mm on center) to allow for simultaneous multi-well pipetting.  

Film is solid but clear over wells allowing for good sample viewing.  The lack of adhesive in well areas minimizes the chances of adhesive off gassing near samples.

Film is removable, not reusable.  Strong adhesive minimizes cross-contamination, spillage and evaporation; covered  plates can be inverted and agitated without sample leakage.  Do not store plates inverted.

Dimensions: 122.00 x 81.00mm (with tabs removed).

Recommended for temperatures from -40° to +120°C.

All ILP sealing films are manufactured in a cleanroom environment.

They are tested and certified on a lot to lot basis to be free of RNase, DNase, DNA, and Pyrogen contamination.

Lot-Specific Certificates

Each lot of product is held to the strictest quality standards and tested for RNase, DNase, extractables, and endotoxin (Pyrogen) contamination. Lot-specific Certificates of Compliance are available upon request.All ILP deep well plates comply with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) specifications (ANSI/SLAS 2001-4). Compliance with this standard makes our plates ideal for robotic or non-robotic applications on standardized laboratory equipment, with multichannel pipettes, and automatic liquid handling systems from all leading manufacturers.