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PCR Plates, Tubes, and Sealing Films
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2.0mL plates compatible with Hamilton
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Product Cross-Reference by Groups

The compatibility listings are intended as a guide only. Users should test to determine suitability in particular applications.

GroupILP PartAgilentAgilent/Infinity Lab
Flat Bottom PlateDP35F-96-N204624-100 
MicroplateDP33VR-9-N 5043-9314
Deep Well PlateDP09US-9-N8010-0533 
Deep Well PlateDP10UR-9-N 5043-9305
Deep Well PlateDP1M-RD-96-N8010-0534 
Deep Well PlateDP12UR-9-N203426-1005043-9309
Deep Well PlateDP12UR-9-NS204357-100 
Deep Well PlateDP16VS-9-N201276-100 
Deep Well PlateDP16VS-9-NS204355-100 
Deep Well PlateDP17US-9-N203426-100 
Deep Well PlateDP17US-9-NS204357-100 
Deep Well PlateDP2M-RD-96-N8010-05365043-9302
Deep Well PlateDP21US-9-N 5043-9300
Deep Well PlateDP22VS-9-N201379-100 
Deep Well PlateDP5MUS-24-N202061-100 
Deep Well PlateDP5MUS-24-NS202061-300 
Deep Well PlateDP4MVS-4-N201238-100 
384 well PlateDP120-SQ-384-N8010-0538 
384 well PlateDP24VS-384-N8010-05395043-9315
Silicone MatDPMATR-9-BULK201158-100 
Silicone MatDPMATR-9-PRT5042-1389 
Silicone MatSLT-RD-96-PRT5043-9317 
Silicone MatDPMATS-2-N201164-100 
Silicone MatDPMATS-4-N201156-100 
Silicone MatDPMATS-3-PRT5043-9320 
Silicone MatDPMATS-9-BULK201160-100 
Silicone MatDPMATS-9-PRT201160-100 
Silicone MatSLT-SQ-96-PRT5043-9319 
Silicone MatPCMATR-9-PRT8010-0577 
Sealing FilmSF080PE-9-C410152 
Sealing FilmSF080PE-9-C410186 
Corning Brands Cross Reference
Group ILP Part Corning Axygen BD
Flat Bottom Plate DP35F-96-N 9017; 3591
Flat Bottom Plate DP35F-96-NS-IWL 3370
Flat Bottom Plate DP35F-96-W 3912
Flat Bottom Plate DP35F-96-BLK 3915
Flat Bottom Plate DP110F-384-N 3640
Flat Bottom Plate DP110F-384-NS-IWL 3680
Flat Bottom Plate DP110F-384-W 3572
Flat Bottom Plate DP110F-384-BLK 3573
Micro Plate DP36VR-9-N 3363 353263
Micro Plate DP04UR-9-N 3365 351190
Micro Plate DP04UR-9-NS 3359
Micro Plate DP33VR-9-N 3344 P-96-450V-C
Micro Plate DP33VR-9-NS P-96-450V-C-S
Micro Plate DP35UR-9-N P-96-450R-C
Micro Plate DP35UR-9-NS P-96-450R-C-S
Deep Well Plate DP11VR-9-N 3957 P-DW-500-C
Deep Well Plate DP11VR-9-NS 3956 P-DW-500-C-S
Deep Well Plate DP12UR-9-N P-DW-11-C
Deep Well Plate DP12UR-9-NS P-DW-11-C-S
Deep Well Plate DP1M-RD-96-N 3959
Deep Well Plate DP1M-RD-96-NS 3958
Deep Well Plate DP21US-9-NS P-1ML-SQ-C-S
Deep Well Plate DP21US-9-N P-1ML-SQ-C
Deep Well Plate DP22VS-9-N 3961
Deep Well Plate DP22VS-9-NS 3960
Deep Well Plate DP2MUR-9-NS P-DW-20-C-S
Deep Well Plate DP2MUR-9-N P-DW-20-C
Deep Well Plate DP4MVS-4-NS P-5ML-48-C-S
Deep Well Plate DP4MVS-4-N P-5ML-48-C
Deep Well Plate DP5MUS-24-N P-DW-10ML-24-C
Deep Well Plate DP5MUS-24-NS P-DW-10ML-24-CS
384 well Plate DP120-SQ-384-N 3657 P-384-120SQ-C-S
385 well Plate DP120-SQ-384-NS 3656 P-384-120SQ-C
386 well Plate DP24VS-384-N 3347 P-384-240SQ-C-S
387 well Plate DP24VS-384-NS 3342 P-384-240SQ-C
Silicone Mat DPMATS-9-PRT AM-2ML-SQ
Silicone Mat MAT-SQ-96-PTFE AM-2ML-SQ-IMP
Silicone Mat DPMATR-9-PRT AM-2ML-RD
Silicone Mat MAT-RD-96-PTFE AM-2ML-RD-IMP
Silicone Mat DPMATR-750-PRT AM-750UL-RD
Silicone Mat SLT-RD-750-PRT MAT-96-7MM-RD-SL
Silicone Mat MAT-RD-750-PTFE AM-750UL-RD-IMP
Silicone Mat DPMATR-500-PTFE AM-500UL-RD
Silicone Mat DPMATS-3-PRT AM-384-DW-SQ
Silicone Mat DPMATS-4-N AM-48
Silicone Mat DPMATS-2-N AM-24-SQ
Silicone Mat PCMATR-9-PRT AM-96-PCR-RD
Silicone Mat MAT-PC-96-PTFE AM-96-PCR-RD-IMP
Silicone Mat PCMATR-3-PTFE AM-384-PCR-RD
Silicone Mat PCSEPTA-9-N 3087 AM-96-SEPTA-3100
Reservoir RES19SW-3-N RES-SW384-FX
Reservoir RES19SW-9-N RES-SW96-LP
Reservoir RES19MC-8-N RES-MW8-LP
Reservoir RES19MC-12-N RES-MW12-LP
Reservoir RES26MC-8-N RES-MW8-HP
Reservoir RES26MC-12-N RES-MW12-HP
Reservoir RES30SW-8-N RES-SW8-HP
Reservoir RES30SW-12-N RES-SW12-HP
Reservoir RES30SW-96-N RES-SW96-HP
Reservoir RES30SW-384-N RES-SW384-HP
Sealing Film SF035AL-9-ALM 6569 PCR-AS-200
Sealing Film SF080PE-9-C 4612 PCR-SP
Sealing Film SF070RT-9-C 6575 UC-500
Sealing Film SF041RA-9-TC-S 3345 BF-400-S