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Multiwell Plates

Innovative Laboratory Products (ILP) microplates are suitable for a wide range of applications. When coupled with automated systems, these plates enable fast, reliable processing and storage. These plates (offered in 96 or 384 well formats) provide an increased ease of use versus tubes, ease of storage, increased sample density, increased throughput, and less reagent usage leading to lower costs per test. The 96-well format is the most common and lends itself to manual as well as automated applications.

Reliable Performance

ILP microplates are manufactured utilizing clean techniques and state of the art processes. Parts are made to exacting dimensions, including ultra-flat surfaces, increased rigidity, and consistency for reliable and reproducible results in the most demanding laboratory environments. We are committed to providing the highest quality plates and warrantee our products to be free of defects in material and workmanship.

Lot-Specific Certified

Each lot of product is held to the strictest quality standards and tested for RNase, DNase, extractables, and endotoxin (Pyrogen) contamination. Lot-specific Certificates of Compliance are available upon request.All ILP deep well plates comply with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) specifications (ANSI/SLAS 2001-4). Compliance with this standard makes our plates ideal for robotic or non-robotic applications on standardized laboratory equipment, with multichannel pipettes, and automatic liquid handling systems from all leading manufacturers.

Molded in alpha numeric grid reference and cut-away corner “notch” simplify sample identification and plate orientation. This assists in sample identification and tracking. Notch also helps reduce the risk of lid cross contamination when plates are paired with the ILP notched lid. The raised well design helps to improve sealing and reduced cross contamination. Sealing of these plates can be done with heat seal films, adhesive films, polystyrene lids, or with ILP’s matching silicone cap mats.
Learn more about our sealing options here.

Stacking lugs make plate stacking easy and secure. Vertically stacked plates nest securely into each other preventing toppling while maximizing space savings.

Our microplates are manufactured from 100% virgin polypropylene and polystyrene.
Polypropylene offering excellent chemical resistance, reduced fluid retention, high thermal stability (from -80°C to +121°C), and is ideal for storage.
Polystyrene plates exceptional optical clarity and binding properties make them a natural choice for cell culture and immunological assays.

Polystyrene flat bottom microplates are available in natural, white, and black. The use of white microplates (optical absorbance or luminescence detection) and black microplates (fluorescence biological assays) improve background and minimize autofluorescence. Clear microplates are well suited to optical (colorimetric) assays and cell culture.

Considerations when choosing a well shape are required volume, mixing, sample recovery, and displacement.
Square wells maximize sample space and can provide baffling/sloshing effect when mixing. Round wells vortex samples well when mixing, offering improved pelleting of samples.

Bottom well shapes can be round “U” shaped, round conical “V” shaped, or flat bottom.
Rounded bottoms are best for mixing. The “V” shaped bottom can minimize the amount of reagent needed and assist in sample collection. Flat bottom plates are ideal for optical assays and tissue culture.

All ILP deep well plates are quality tested. Learn more about our quality testing here.

ILP products are designed for laboratory use and are not suitable for food or in-vitro diagnostics.