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Innovative Laboratory Products (ILP) offers a large range of seals and sealing options for deep well plates, assay plates, and PCR plates. We carry a broad line of adhesive sealing films, sealing mats, and polystyrene lids. Our line is designed to meet the needs of our plate customers, but is well equipped to fit the major brands in the market.

ILP Sealing Solutions Catalog

Click the catalog image to view the full selection of ILP sealing films, silicone mats and storage lids.

ILP Sealing Solutions Catalog

Adhesive Films

ILP offers aluminum, polyester, and polypropylene films with acrylic adhesive, and a polyolefin film with encapsulated silicone adhesive. All films have easily removed backing paper with perforated tabs. Once applied, the seal adheres aggressively on the plate, forming a tight positive seal preventing evaporation of VOCs, sample loss in storage, cross contamination, and reducing the risk of aerosols and pathogens venting. Perforated end tabs are useful for plate identification or removable if desired. Each film in our line has a unique purpose and is uniquely matched to work with our plates. Films are suitable for a wide variety of applications from long term storage down to -80°C to qPCR and visual assays. All ILP films are pre-cut to fit standard plate sizes.
Film Selection Guide

Sealing Mats

Compression molded silicone sealing mats are designed for deep well, micro, and PCR plates. Produced from the highest quality materials, they are specially designed to provide a positive and airtight seal. Mats fit tightly into wells preventing evaporation of VOCs, sample loss in storage, cross contamination, and reducing the risk of aerosols and pathogens venting during the automation process. They work in a wide range of temperatures for incubation and storage applications; especially for storage at higher temperatures or for applications involving aggressive solvents.
These seals pair well with automation as-well-as manual laboratory protocols. Often used in high-throughput applications or those involving accessing the sample through the cover multiple times. High quality materials resist coring and tearing reducing the risk or mat particulate entering the well. Offered scored or pre-cut, well perforations will seal themselves, after penetration, ensuring an airtight closure. Mats are chemically resistant, containing no adhesives or extractables to contaminate samples. Printed alpha numeric grid for easy reference.

Polystyrene Lids

ILP offers several universal fit and notched lids as plate covers. All lids are made of optically clear polystyrene and are certified to be free of RNase/DNase, and Pyrogen contamination. Suitable for sealing all standard well plates, assay plates, and PCR plates. Universal fit lids are available individually wrapped or 10-packs. Universal lids with 96 sealing rings to reduce evaporation are also available. Ten lid packs are convenient for high volume users. Individual packaging ensure long term purity of lid. Notched lids only fit in one direction reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

RNase/ DNase/ DNA Testing​

Testing is by electrophoresis. Test sensitivity: RNase – 10-9 Kunitz Units/ ul; DNase – 10-6 Kunitz Units/ ul; DNA – 30pg.  Product must be free of detectable contamination.

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ILP products are designed for laboratory use and are not suitable for food or in-vitro diagnostics.