Assay Plates (PS), 384 Square Well Flat-Bottom, Natural, 110ul

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DP110F-384-N ,
DP110F-384-NS-IWL , DP110F384N ,
DP110F384NSIWL ,



Our clear flat bottom 384-well assay plates are ideal for general (non-tissue culture) applications including microbiology, serology, and absorbance/colorimetric assays (400-900nm wavelength).
Made from high optic transmission grade polystyrene, these clear flat bottom assay plates allow for top-read or bottom-read measurements in the visible range. They come in standard 8×12 configuration and have molded in alpha-numeric position markings. Each well offers a working volume of 110ul. The rounded corner well design eliminates capillary action that can occur with square cornered plates.
Ultra-flat surfaces, sturdy design, and rigidity optimize our 384-well assay plates for consistent handling with a variety of automated platforms for high throughput workflows. Plates are standardized to comply with ANSI/SLAS 2004-1 guaranteeing proper fit.
Assay plates are tested on a lot-to-lot basis to be RNase, DNase, and pyrogen free. These plates are non-sterile and non-treated.

Made from high optic transmission polystyrene (400-900nm wavelength)
Top or bottom read with optically clear flat bottom
Uniform wall thickness
Rigid automation friendly design with gripper lugs
Fits all ANSI/SLAS 2004-1 (SBS) compliant fixtures and equipment
Designed for colorimetric assays
Lot tested and certified RNase, DNase, and pyrogen free

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Well Shape Top:
Adhesive Material:
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Well Diameter Top:
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Well Bottom To Deck:
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Max Temperature:
Min Temperature:
options: Non-Sterile, 10 Plates/Pack, 10 Packs/Case, With Lid, Sterile, Individually Wrapped, 1 Plate/Pack, 100 Packs/Case, With Lid, Sterile, Individually Wrapped, 1 Plate/Pack, 40 Packs/Case