Our white flat bottom 384-well assay plates are ideal for luminescence and applications seeking increased signal sensitivity.
These completely white, polystyrene, flat bottom assay plates were specifically designed for luminescence applications. The highly reflective solid white color boosts signal while reducing well-to-well crosstalk.
They come in standard 8×12 configuration and have molded in alpha-numeric position markings. Each well offers a working volume of 110ul. The rounded corner well design eliminates capillary action that can occur with square cornered plates.
Ultra-flat surfaces, sturdy design, and rigidity optimize our 384-well assay plates for consistent handling with a variety of automated platforms for high throughput workflows. Plates are standardized to comply with ANSI/SLAS 2004-1 guaranteeing proper fit.
Assay plates are tested on a lot-to-lot basis to be RNase, DNase, and pyrogen free. These plates are non-sterile and non-treated.
Designed for luminescence assays
Top read with light (signal) enhancing white flat bottom and walls
Made from polystyrene
Uniform wall thickness
Rigid automation friendly design with gripper lugs
Fits all ANSI/SLAS 2004-1 (SBS) compliant fixtures and equipment
Lot tested and certified RNase, DNase, and pyrogen free

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General FeaturesCertified:
options: Non-Sterile, 10 Plates/Pack, 10 Packs/Case, With Lid, Sterile, Individually Wrapped, 1 Plate/Pack, 100 Packs/Case, With Lid, Sterile, Individually Wrapped, 1 Plate/Pack, 40 Packs/Case