Glass Coated Plate, 96 Round Well U-Bottom 14.40mm Height, 500ul

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DP35UR-9-GC10 ,
DP35UR-9-GC100 , DP35UR9GC10 ,
DP35UR9GC100 ,



Glass coated, polypropylene microplates.  The 200nm thick coating of silicone dioxide creates a cradle of non-binding and inert glass to protect your sample.  This SiO2 coating helps to:

  • Reduced binding
  • Increase chemical resistance
  • Protect the same from any potential compounds leached from the plastic.

The plate design:

  • Holds up to 500ul per well of working volume in a 14.4mm high micro-plate
  • Unique open bottom design maximizes volume, while larger diameter wells improve sample access and mixing
  • ANSI/SLAS 1-2004 compliant footprint (SBS) allows for automated usage with grippers, stackers, and heater/cooler blocks.
  • Raised rims on each well make for easy and secure sealing with adhesive films, silicone mats, or heat sealing films, help prevent cross contamination, and reduce sample loss in storage
  • Manufactured from chemically resistant and inert virgin polypropylene
  • Lot to lot tested and certified to be free of RNase, DNase, and Pyrogen contamination.

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General FeaturesProduct Type:
Number of Wells:
Number of Plugs:
Plug Shape:
Well Shape Top:
Well Shape Bottom:
Adhesive Material:
Surface Treatment:
Volumes & DimensionsOverall Height:
Well Depth:
Overall Length:
Adhesive Thickness:
Top Width:
Well Diameter Bottom:
Well Diameter Top:
Top Length:
Well Bottom To Deck:
Max Volume:
Working Volume:
Volume With Mat Lid:
Plug Depth:
Plug Diameter:
Max RCF:
Max Temperature:
Min Temperature:
Shipping & HandlingQuantity: 1 Plate/Pack, 10 Packs/Case, 1 Plate/Pack, 100 Packs/Case
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