Individual tubes with attached flat caps achieve even and precise thermal transfer to maximize your yield.  Our standard profile, 0.2mL tubes with attached flat caps are precision molded for clarity and sample visualization.  Flat caps are frosted for writing or labeling.

Molded as a single part ensures a uniform fit for precise thermal transfer with minimal evaporation.  Individual tubes with attached flat caps are regularly quality tested for evaporation rates and must exhibit less than 3% sample loss.

Individual tube volumes

Overall Volume: 300 µl
Working Volume: <200 µl

Recommended for low throughput applications, these tubes are designed to fit all standard 0.2mL block thermal cyclers.  Each tube is joined to a cap, their thin and consistent wall thickness optimizes heat transfer to maximize yield.

Packaged in resealable bags

All ILP PCR products are non-sterile and certified to be free of detectable RNase, DNase, DNA, and pyrogen contamination.

Additional information

General FeaturesProduct Type:
Number of Wells:
Number of Plugs:
Singular or 8-Strip: Singular
Plug Shape:
Cap Type: Flat, Frosted, singular
Well Shape Top:
Well Shape Bottom:
Adhesive Material:
Surface Treatment:
Volumes & DimensionsOverall Height:
Well Depth:
Adhesive Thickness:
Wall Thickness (Average): 0.29mm
Well Diameter Top:
Max Volume:
Working Volume:
Volume With Mat Lid:
Plug Depth:
Max Temperature:
Min Temperature:
Shipping & HandlingQuantity: 1000 Tubes/Pack, 10 Packs/Case
Case Dimensions (in.):