Combine space savings with automation friendly design, with this sturdy 12-channel reservoir.  This reservoir is ideal for manual or automated applications with its warp resistant, ultra-flat, rigid construction, and stable base.  It is compatible with stackers, plate handlers, cooling blocks, and other instruments that comply with the ANSI/SLAS 2004-1 (SBS) footprint.

The 12 channel design allows for the use of up to 12 different reagents.  Each channel has a “v shaped” trough to reduce dead volume – minimizing reagent waste.  This reservoir is designed to take a range of liquid handling configurations from 8 or 12 channel pipettes.  Overall volume is 160mL; each channel can hold up to 13.3mL.

Mid-height design utilizes 30-40% less vertical space allowing for more storage in freezers, automated loaders, under the hood, and other locations where space is at a premium.  To minimize space on platforms (when a stacker is not in use) or under hoods, these reservoirs can be filled and stacked.

Sturdy and reusable, our reagent reservoirs can stand-up to autoclaving, exposure to temperature extremes, and most chemicals, solvents and alcohols used in combinatorial chemistry.

  • Autoclavable
  • Storage down to -80°C
  • Made from Virgin Polypropylene; no mold release agents or regrind
  • RNase, DNase, DNA, and Pyrogen Free Certification

Additional information

General FeaturesProduct Type:
Number of Wells:
Number of Plugs:
Plug Shape:
Well Shape Top:
Well Shape Bottom:
Adhesive Material:
Surface Treatment:
Volumes & DimensionsOverall Height:
Well Depth:
Overall Length:
Adhesive Thickness:
Top Width:
Well Diameter Top:
Top Length:
Well Bottom To Deck:
Max Volume:
Working Volume:
Plug Depth:
Plug Diameter:
Max RCF:
Max Temperature:
Min Temperature:
Shipping & HandlingCase Dimensions (in.):
Case Weight (lbs.):
options: Non-Sterile, 5 Plates/Pack, 10 Packs/Case, Sterile, Individually Wrapped, 1 Plate/Pack, 10 Packs/Case