Optical Seal Adhesive Sealing Film Polyolefin 2.8 mil Ultra-clear for qPCR, 50 Films/Pack, 10 Packs/Case

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Incredible optical clarity, non-absorbing, and non-fluorescing properties of these films make them ideally suited for Real Time PCR (qPCR) and optical assay work.  Featuring an inert, ultra-clear, and strong encapsulated silicone adhesive that provides extraordinary performance in demanding applications.
Encapsulated silicone greatly reduces the risk of sample contamination due to exposure to adhesive.  Once the film is pressed onto the plate, the raised portion of the well penetrates the encapsulation and a tight seal is formed on just that surface (not over the sample).  This silicone seal adheres aggressively, preventing evaporation and lessening the possibility of “Edge Effect”.
The plasticized backing of this film is scored on both ends to allow for two handed (precise) placement on the plate.  Both film and adhesive maintain incredible clarity and are the choice for highly demanding manual and automated processes.

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