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Universal Filtered Pipette Tips

Sterile Filtered
Universal Pipet Tips

FIltered Universal Pipet Tips from ILP are used to prevent cross-contamination in laboratory liquid handling.

Available now in volumes from 10µl to 1000µl.

Sterile Filtered Pipet Tips Features

• Certified DNase-, RNase, DNA/RNA-, Pyrogen-Free
• Filters Made of Virgin Hydrophobic Polyethylene
• Tips Made of USP Class VI Virgin Polypropylene
• Molded-in Graduations for Visual Verification
• Extended Length Tips for Added Reach
• Pre-Sterilized 96-Tip Hinged-Lid Racks
Convenient Racking Design

Secure and Safe Multichannel Racks

• Multichannel Pipettor 96-Tip Format
• Dual-Position Open Cover Stops
• Ultra-Secure Locking Tab
• Smooth-Motion Lid Hinge
Quality is at the heart of everything we do.

Certified PCR Inhibitor-Free​

• Clean techniques and state of the art manufacturing processes
• Tested for RNase, DNase, Extractables, and Endotoxin (Pyrogen)
• Inspected for Visual, Dimensional, and Functional Attributes
• Pre-sterilized meet ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11137, certified to SAL of 10-6

RNase/DNase/DNA Testing
Testing is by electrophoresis or PCR. Test sensitivity: RNase – 10-9 Kunitz Units/ ul; DNase – 10-6 Kunitz Units/ ul; DNA – 30pg. Product must be free of detectable contamination.

Lot Traceability
We offer to our customers lot-specific Certificates of Compliance upon request, or directly from our website.


Quality is at the heart of everything we do.